Monday, February 18, 2013

NAACP Takes on Bloomberg on Stop and Frisk

The NAACP has called on Mayor Bloomberg to end his stop-and-frisk tyranny.

NAACP and Stop and Frisk

Yesterday, the NAACP made news by stating the need for stop-and-frisk to end immediately.
The head of the NAACP took the pulpit of a Brooklyn church on Sunday to demand that Mayor Bloomberg end the controversial stop-and-frisk program before his term ends.
“Mayor Bloomberg, I ask you, before you leave, repair the damage you have done,” pleaded NAACP President Benjamin Jealous. Addressing about 100 worshipers at Nazarene Congregational Church in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Jealous called for New Yorkers to “stand up” and tell the mayor, “There is no place for racial profiling.”
The Next Mayor

We will have a new Mayor in January 2014, and the NAACP is determined not to allow the next Mayor to abuse people of color the way that the current Mayor has for so many years.
As Bloomberg's third, and last, term nears its end in January, Jealous said he expects the city's new mayor to oppose stop-and-frisk tactics, along with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The Democrat announced recently that he's working to help stop the practice.
If the new mayor doesn't do that, too, Jealous vowed that "we'll do a lot more than march."
Stop and Frisk

As we discussed last week, stop-and-frisk has been the topic we've addressed with the greatest frequency and with deepest concern. It is the topic that should be at the top of the agenda for any Mayoral candidate.


  1. Hi Greg,
    Now the freedom to stop and frisk is expanding to store employees! Did you see that Forest Whitaker, who was in Harlem to film a new movie, was stopped and frisked by an employee at the UWS deli Milano Market?

  2. Yes. A classic example of walking-while-Black but now walking-while-Black-and-hungry. Now, store employees have been empowered to enforce the law against walking-while-Black.

  3. I applaud Ben Jealous!! More of our organizations need to take a public stand on the many affronts to the black communities.
    Mpst of the elected officials in Philly are in a deep sleep when it comes to fighting for the injustices here.

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