Monday, May 14, 2012

Speaker Quinn's Bloomberg Moment

Speaker Quinn's enthusiastic endorsement of stop-and-frisk disqualifies her in the Mayor's race. She has worked so hard to be loved by Mayor Bloomberg that she is endorsing his disgusting and shockingly racist approach to law enforcement.

Supporting Our City's Enemies

Last week, Speaker Quinn stated that she'd keep Ray Kelly as NYC's police commissioner if she became Mayor. For that reason alone, we must make ensuring that she never becomes Mayor a top priority.

Speaker Quinn is fully supportive of the same leaders who have brought the scourge of stop-and-frisk to our city, and our self-respect as NYC residents should make us determined to end that scourge as soon as possible.

Ray Kelly, with the full support of Mayor Bloomberg, has led a 700% increase in stopping and frisking innocent young men of color. If this activity occurred in another country, we'd consider it a human rights abuse. In 2011, Ray Kelly led the stopping of more young Black men than actually live in our city. That reality is worthy of restating: In one year, Ray Kelly stopped more innocent young Black men in our city than the number of young Black men who live in our city. The 700% increase in stop-and-frisk has not reduced crime, has not made us safer, has not resulted in a meaningful number of arrests, and has not recovered a meaningful amount of illegal weapons. The 700% increase in stop-and-frisk has resulted in de-humanizing young men of color in the eyes of law enforcement. The 700% increase in stop-and-frisk has undermined the relationship between communities of color and law enforcement. The 700% increase has caused law enforcement to focus on innocent young men of color while allowing real criminals to go unchallenged, uninvestigated, unarrested, and unconcerned as the pursue criminal activity. The NYPD has been telling crime victims to ignore the crimes they've endured so that officers have time to stop innocent young men of color. Ray Kelly is the architect and the personification of the unsafe, indefensible, racist, and counterproductive criminalization of being young, male, and non-white in our city. Speaker Quinn should be ashamed of herself for endorsing a discredited and morally bankrupt approach to policing our city. If Speaker Quinn is determined to side with the enemies of our city, she cannot be permitted to continue to lead us.

Mayoral Race 2013

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has been the loudest and strongest voice amongst likely Mayoral candidates in opposing stop and frisk. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio recently demanded an audit of stop and frisk. Only Speaker Quinn has endorsed stop and frisk. She stated: "[Stop-and-frisk] helped drive down crime rates."

Speaker Quinn's values are not acceptable in a NYC Mayor. We must oppose racism, white supremacy, and the dehumanization of young men of color. We must oppose Speaker Quinn.

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