Monday, April 16, 2012

Bloomberg Takes on Guns

Last week, Mayor Bloomberg was on the attack against "stand your ground" laws and was shown to be under attack by the National Rifle Association.

NRA Spends Heavily to Defeat Microstamping 

The New York Daily News reported that the National Rifle Association donated more money to members of the New York State Legislature than to any other state in our country. Since 2003, the NRA has donated more than $200,000 to New York politicians in order to oppose Mayor Bloomberg's efforts to bring microstamping requirements to New York State. We have endorsed the push for microstamping.
Microstamping would reduce crime, enhance crime solving, and would not undermine the lawful use of firearms for hunting. In fact, microstamping is expected to add only $12 to the cost of the average firearm, which has a total cost of $450.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party in New York State is focused on maintaining its relationships with the gun manufacturers who do not want their products to cost $12 more. The Republicans are willing to trade lives for the support of the gun manufacturers. The Republicans in the State Senate voted against the legislation and killed it. Only one Republican supported the legislation, and even a former law enforcement officer who is now a Republican State Senator failed to support the legislation and disappeared from the floor of the State Senate during a key moment in the effort to enact this life-saving measure.
With the NRA spending heavily to defeat microstamping, we must all rally behind the measure with greater focus. California adopted microstamping legislation in 2007, and the NRA views blocking the spread of that smart approach to New York State as a high priority. Countering the NRA requires all of us to stand up and be counted.

Stand Your Ground

The "stand your ground" laws that have become associated with the tragic February 2012 death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida came under attack by Mayor Bloomberg last week. The NRA promotes these laws because they give ordinary residents that self-defense protection typically provided to law enforcement. If a killer feels threatened, his killing is justified, and he is immune from prosecution.

In states that have passed a "stand your ground" statute, justifiable homicides have skyrocketed. In a sense, these are invitations for residents to murder other residents without consequences for the murder.These laws undermine law enforcement attempts to keep our communities safe, and they promote vigilante behavior in our society.

The increased loss of life is tragic, and the support of the NRA for this increased loss of life shows how morally bankrupt the NRA is.

As the Mayor has stated:
These laws have not made our country safer; they have made us less safe. And that's why so many law enforcement leaders oppose these laws. It's why some legislators who voted for these laws are having second thoughts. And it's why today, we're launching a nationwide campaign urging legislators to take these steps: Reform or repeal these laws where they have been passed, or defeat them in states where they have been introduced.
We, as vocal critics of the Bloomberg Administration, are well aware that Bloomberg is taking on powerful critics by being on the right side of the gun issues we face.

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