Monday, August 23, 2010

Schneiderman for Attorney General

With the Democratic Primary three weeks away, we endorse State Senator Eric Schneiderman for New York State Attorney General.

New York Times Concurs

Senator Schneiderman is the only Manhattan candidate seeking the Democratic nomination, and he is also the candidate with the best record of taking courageous and correct positions on the key issues facing our state. Not only has he taken the correct positions, he's been a leading advocate for the biggest achievements of the State Legislature, including the historic repeal of the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

The New York Times endorsed Senator Schneiderman for Attorney General late last week, and they did so for the right reasons.

"We endorse Senator Schneiderman in the Democratic primary because of his sound judgment, legal expertise, political independence, and long history of fighting for government reform."

Amsterdam News Adds Its Support

In a lengthy and detailed endorsement of Senator Schniederman, the Amsterdam News focused directly on how Schneiderman has consistently proven his ability to lead on the criminal justice issues that have been the focus of those of us who live in Upper Manhattan.

"While in the State Senate, Schneiderman has been instrumental in passing legislation that directly affects the lives of our community. From a Clinic Access Bill to the legislation to increase the minimum wage, to his most recent legislation focusing on how inmates in upstate penitentiaries are counted by the United States Census, he has been there fighting for us."

No candidate can claim to have a record of achievement as Attorney General; Schneiderman's competition has no one it who has held statewide office or been Attorney General. But, evidence of the independence, judgment, leadership, and sense of justice needed to become a successful Attorney General is abundant in Senator Schneiderman's record as an elected official. As the Amsterdam News observed, Senator Schneiderman has proven that he has the right skills and the right values to be successful as Attorney General. We look forward to seeing him in that role.

Rice is Wrong

Andrew Cuomo is supporting Kathleen Rice in the Democratic Primary, but she is not an acceptable candidate. She opposed the repeal of the Rockefeller drug laws; she refused to register as a Democrat, and she refused to vote in elections until recently. Her lack of leadership, her unwillingness to be a Democrat and her unwillingness to vote in elections demonstrate that she is not the best choice for the Democratic Party in 2010. Senator Eric Schneiderman is the best choice.


  1. Kathleen Rice has been a unmitigated disaster as Nassau District Attorney. Her prosecutors are afraid to use forensic evidence in assault cases - Nassau has the best medical examiners and forensic pathologist but they only work murder cases, not assaults. The result in Long Island is that dangerous criminals go free, and many innocent people are incarcerated. This is one of many ways that Rice has shown a gross insensitivity to the incarceration of innocent people.

    Rice has also stood by and allowed the Nassau County Family be turned into a massive Green Card Factory, as word has gotten out that you can get a Green Card by falsely claiming to a victim of domestic violence. Thus the number of "domestic violence" claims have exploded in Nassau County, and it is all over the internet that Rice (and many other DAs) have made it very clear that they have never, and WILL NEVER, prosecute the filing of false family court petitions, or false assault claims.

    So if Rice's prosecutors are too fearful of using forensic evidence what do they use instead? Polygraphs! Scientist consensus is that polygraphs are around 59% accurate, since they measure heart rates, not honesty. Nationwide many serial killers have gone free, and many innocent people go to jail, because of obsolete prosecutorial reliance on polygraphs. Nonetheless, like the Coach who plays the scrubs while leaving his All Stars on the bench, Rice's staff continues to make polygraphs a major factor in decisions about whether to prosecute.

    I can also speak first hand that her staff has shown a gross insensitivity to many crime victims.

  2. The post above should say "Nassau County Family Court" has been turned into a giant Green Card Factory. There is a loop hole in the current immigrant law that allows people to get Green Cards if they claim to be victims of domestic violence. The number of people seeking this benefit has mushroomed from about 500 in 2005 to 7500 last year and is soaring. It is now common knowledge all over the world that you can get a Green Card by getting someone falsely arrested for Domestic Violence, and this is being exploited by crime groups, especially in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk. Thousands (not hundreds, but thousands) of innocent Americans have gone to jail becuase of this -- they are almost always subsequently acquited (because they are innocent) but the person making the false claim gets a Green Card anyway. Rice has been in the prime position to stop this, and has done nothing, and this crime scam has mushroomed under her watch, as the resources for Child Protection Services and Battered Woman continue to be siphoned away under Rice's neglectful watch.